Love’s Taken Over

I’m in love. And I feel like singing this song with every ounce of passion that I can muster.

Remembering Whitney

Rest in Peace

Whitney Elizabeth Houston

Last night, in the midst of all of the national news coverage, I took some time to write a little about what Whitney meant to me. It was a tearful post to write that took me several hours to complete. I still find myself thinking: “I can’t believe that she’s gone.”

This morning, I continue to honor Whitney’s memory with a photo tribute. Each of these pictures represents big moments and memories throughout Whitney’s career. Hope you enjoy the slideshow. [Read more…]

What Whitney Houston Meant To Me

Words cannot even begin to express how stunned and devastated I felt the moment I heard of Whitney Houston’s passing. My very first thoughts were, “Please God, let this be one of those unfounded rumors on Twitter.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t a rumor gone wild.

As a little girl, there was no bigger star and no greater musical icon TO ME than Whitney Houston. Memories of her music form the center of some of my fondest moments from childhood. This blog post represents my written tribute to everything she meant to me. [Read more…]

I Guess I Got My Swagger Back

…Or something like that. Is it still “cool” to even say swagger? Well, whatever, you get the point.

I got inspired. My inspiration led me to create this website with a nonsensical name that means nothing more than “Hey, this is ME! This is MY corner of the web to publish whatever the f*@# I want.” [Read more…]

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