I Guess I Got My Swagger Back

…Or something like that. Is it still “cool” to even say swagger? Well, whatever, you get the point.

I got inspired. My inspiration led me to create this website with a nonsensical name that means nothing more than “Hey, this is ME! This is MY corner of the web to publish whatever the f*@# I want.”

Now that I have my very own web address, I feel like more people with something to say should have one. But only if you *really* have something to say. No one is dying to know what you ate for breakfast this morning.

What Do I Have To Say?

Well, mostly, I’ll be talking about life. As I type, I am the ripe old age of 31. I’m also somewhat of a rarity as I have a Ph.D. degree, and so, I’ll be talking about my life after the Ph.D.

I’ll be talking about being a young psychology professor. So young (looking) that I get mistaken for a early 20-something college student. Frequently. Sometimes annoyingly so.

I’ll be talking about topics that make me tick: psychology, African American culture, hip hop, pop culture, youth culture, education, literature, and more. I’m a card-carrying member of Team I ♥ Nerds: You name it and I’ve read something about it.

I’ll be talking about living well, living out your dreams, and life’s lessons. I have definitely not achieved everything I have wanted in life or gone everywhere I want in life, but I’m working on it. So I’ll be talking about that.

I hope you settle in and make yourself at home right along with me. Keeks Unlimited is just getting underway.

P.S. Random trivia question: Otis wasn’t the first song that Jay-Z used the lyric “I guess I got my swagger back.” Anyone know the original?


  1. K.W. says:

    Blueprint cd…can’t remember the exact song

  2. Lauryn Doll says:

    I’m only here to tell you that EVERYONE is dying to know what I had for breakfast!

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